Adoption FAQS

Can I take my pet home right away?

We’d like you to take your new pet home right away! We prefer for your new pet become a part of your family right away! If you’re ready for a pet, it’s a good idea to have some things ready for your new pet such as bedding, food, bowls, and toys. That way, when you fall in love with the right one, you will be ready.

Has my new pet already been vaccinated?

Yes, your new pet will be current on all vaccinations at the time of adoption, unless he/she wasn’t old enough for a Rabies vaccine. From there, you will be responsible for keeping the dog or cat up-to-date on vaccines.

Has my new pet already been spayed/neutered?

Yes, every pet in our program is spayed or neutered prior to adoption (per the Taos County Animal Ordinance). See our Spay & Neuter page for more information and resources.

What are the Taos Animal Ordinances?

These are ordinances that Stray Hearts is contractually obligated to follow. They outline the requirements of pet ownership including the need to spay/neuter, microchip and license your pets as well as important safety measures such as no long term tethering and containing your pet to your property. For more detailed information, please take a moment to read the following ordinances for Taos County and the Town of Taos

What if I’m having issues with the pet I adopted from Stray Hearts?

Every case is different. Review our Tips for Helping Your New Pet Feel at Home or call Stray Hearts, we’ll always be willing to help you.

What is your return policy?

Going to a new home is a big adjustment. Please be patient with your new pet as it can take a couple of weeks to a month for an animal to acclimate to their new home. And please call us if you need tips to ease the process. However, Stray Hearts will take back any adopted pet if the adoption does not work out for any reason. Please contact us by phone 575-758-2981 or at to start the return process. Please specify the problem you are having with your pet so we can assist you quickly.

I found a pet that I want to adopt but am not sure if he/she will work out in my home with my other pets. Can I do a trial adoption?

A meet and greet with your current pets should be arranged as part of our adoption process. We prefer that you bring your pets to the shelter to meet their new pack member in a controlled and monitored environment.

What do I do if my new pet gets sick after I adopt?

If your pet becomes ill within 7 days of adoption, please contact us. If you’ve had your pet for a longer period of time, please see your veterinarian.

Should I Foster or Adopt?

If you love animals, but for whatever reason can’t adopt, fostering could be a great fit for you. Some of our best foster parents travel too much to adopt but enjoy caring for animals. Visit the Fostering page for more info.