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Foster an animal

Our fostering program is an integral part of the success story of Stray Hearts Animal Shelter. Thanks to the dedication and care of our foster parents, Stray Hearts can ultimately shelter more animals and connect more pets with forever homes. If you love animals, but for whatever reason can’t adopt, fostering could be a great fit for you.

Situations that benefit from foster include:

  • Pregnant and nursing mom’s with litters

  • Animals suffering from extreme stress caused by a shelter environment

  • Animals recovering from surgeries

  • Short-term care when their owners have emergencies

  • 4th of July Slumber Party (fireworks anxiety prevention)

  • Animals needing socialization

dog house-01.png

Foster Parents Provides

  • A home

  • Attention

  • Care


Stray Hearts Provides  

  • All medical costs

  • Food and supplies

  • Weekly support visits

Step One

Step Two

  • Meet with Foster Coordinator

  • Discover a good match between your interests and our animals needs

Step Three

  • Schedule home visit

Step Four

  • Welcome your temporary family member home!