Partners & Sponsors


Bring in your own bags and pick up a poker chip at checkout. Find the Stray Hearts chip jar as you leave and drop it in! We get a check from Cids once a month so it is an easy way to help the animals!


Cleaning out your closet? Bring things to Pieces and ask them to put the sales proceeds on the Stray Hearts account.


Shop at Moxie’s and bring your own bag. Moxie will drop 5 cents into the Stray Hearts Jar for each bag of your own you use!

Amazon Smile!

Sign up with Amazon Smile and put us down as your charity! They will give us a percentage of the sale.


Link your Reward’s Card purchases to us at

New Mexico Propane

When you pay your propane bill, drop your bill into the basket for donations to Stray Hearts. If paying online or by mail, call NM Propane to make your request.